If we didn’t spend a good chunk of our time organizing all the incredible things there are do to in this city into their respective districts, we’d have one messy website for you to dig through. That’s why we’ve so carefully organized the cities districts into 10 different sections.

Please, do not complain if your favourite area of Düsseldorf was not included in this list, it is. Thanks to the oh-so-trustworthy Wikipedia (but seriously, I do trust that site… most of the time), there are actually 10 different districts in Düsseldorf, simply numbered 1-10.  Each of these districts include a number of city pieces (or as they say in German, Stadtteile). Here’s the list so you don’t think we’ve forgotten to include your district:

  • District 1Altstadt, Derendorf, Golzheim, Carlstadt, Pempelfort, Stadtmitte
  • District 2Düsseltal, Flingern-Nord, Flingern-Süd
  • District 3Bilk, Flehe, Friedrichstadt, Hafen, Hamm, Oberbilk, Unterbilk, Volmerswerth
  • District 4Heerdt, Lörick, Niederkassel, Oberkassel
  • District 5Angermund, Kaiserswerth, Kalkum, Lohausen, Stockum, Wittlaer
  • District 6Lichtenbroich, Mörsenbroich, Rath, Unterrath
  • District 7Gerresheim, Grafenberg, Hubbelrath, Ludenberg
  • District 8Eller, Lierenfeld, Unterbach, Vennhausen
  • District 9Benrath, Hassels, Himmelgeist, Holthausen, Itter, Reisholz, Urdenbach, Wersten
  • District 10Garath, Hellerhof

Again, this list comes from the trusting source of Wikipedia, so if there is some new district that I’ve never heard of that we seem to have missed, please send us an email and let us know.

If you’re curious as to how and why I only included one Stadtteile/city part in the buttons below, well…. it’s so that you don’t strain your eyes reading the longest button in the world, and so that I didn’t have to spend the entire day editing. So, I’ve selfishly picked out the Stadtteile which I think are the most well-known within each district. Hate it, or love it.

You can click on the tabs above to explore each district. If there is information missing that you think we should include, then send us an email and we’ll add it to our list of “blog posts that still need to be written“, or even better write the piece for us and become a part of our Life in Düsseldorf authors team. 

Want to explore all the districts at once? Read our Ultimate Guide to Neighborhoods in Düsseldorf so you can pick the perfect place for you and your family! 

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