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When moving to Düsseldorf I was immediately interested in the coffee scene and the different coffee shops around the area. To be a functioning human, I need my cup (or two or three) of coffee every morning and it tastes even better when I can have it from a local shop instead of my french press at home.

Düsseldorf certainly delivered when it comes to having an amazing variety of places to sit down and enjoy a fresh and delicious cup. After trying and rating as many coffee shops as possible, the places below stuck out as the best for me. From easily accessible English menus to a wide variety of specialty filtered coffees, these coffee shops are definitely worth a visit for your next caffeine and wifi fix.

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Düsseldorf serving up killer cups of coffee and FREE wifi!


1 – Woyton

Düsseldorf has 6 Woyton locations each filled with specialty-filtered coffee, but they also serve a great flat white. The coffee shop is always crowded with people catching up and is bustling with life. On top of their coffee selection, they also have a great assortment of teas.


2 – Kaffee Piraten

Kaffee Piraten, located in Unterbilk, is a great place for the whole family – you’ll find an outdoor patio around back for when the weather is warm, a kids corner, and up at the front of the café, you’ll find plenty of spots to get some work done.


3 – Lina’s Coffee Brew Bar & Deli

For English speakers, Lina’s coffee is the perfect place to hang out. The food and coffee menu is entirely in English, which makes it easy to order without pulling out a translator or making educated guesses. The food menu has a wide range of breakfast options. I went for the avocado and gouda toast on walnut bread which felt fresh and healthy.


4 – TENTEN Coffee

TENTEN Coffee is located in the Japanese area of Düsseldorf close to the best ramen and sushi in the city. The shop has a great selection of tea and coffee, and delicious hot chocolate too. If you want a coffee shop that is open late, come to TENTEN! They are open until 22:00. They also have a book trade that largely consists of English books, so bring a book and leave a book!

5 – Covent Garden

Located in Bilk, if you are looking for a great coffee and brunch look no further than Covent Garden. They have delicious sandwiches, but I highly recommend the yogurt bowl filled with fresh fruits and honey. This is also a great some for English speakers as the staff and often the guests all speak English.


6 – Manko Café + Workspace

If you’re looking for a space with not only wifi but plenty of space for coworking, Manko Café is the place to be. They serve up delicious bagels and sandwiches with a huge selection of drinks, mueslis, and sweets.


7 – Rösterei VIER

The atmosphere of a coffee shop is extremely important and Rösterei VIER accomplishes the perfect coffee along with the best atmosphere. With a perfect view of the Old Town Hall, the shop is popular and has limited seating, but if you can snag a seat on the cozy couch, you’re in for a treat. The shop offers pastries as well as multiple types of filtered coffee that are bound to give you the caffeine jolt you need. There are also two other locations in Düsseldorf as well. 


8 – Birdie & Co.

Located off the beaten path, Birdie & Co. is huddled in a small business district. The staff is friendly with relaxing music playing throughout the day. The shop offers plenty of healthy breakfast options as well as tea and smoothie options for the non-coffee drinkers out there. They now have 2 locations in Düsseldorf


9 – Cøffe

Located across from the Carlsplatz market Cøffe recommends that their guests try their coffee without any milk or sugar. I tried the batch brew and truly loved the flavor of the brew. The ambiance of this shop is a bonus as well. Since it’s a tiny space, working on a laptop might not be as comfortable as one of the other locations, but if you’re just intending on grabbing some wifi on your phone, then you’ll have no problems! 


10 – KaffeeReich

Located in the Carlsplatz market (meaning also a small location, but great for wifi on the phone), KaffeeReich is the perfect spot for a high-quality cup of coffee on the go. Grab a cup from the small shop and then stroll through the eclectic market.


11 – Kaffeehandwerk

The walls of Kaffeehandwerk were filled with local art that was for sale and their coffee was delicious. For filtered coffee, you can choose between three different brews, all of equal quality. There are now two locations in Düsseldorf.


12 – Copenhagen Coffee Lab & Bakery

This coffee shop has minimalistic vibes with the scheme of the shop being wood and black – a beautiful interior that looks like it was taken right out of a WayFair catalog. Copenhagen Coffee Lab has FREE wifi and a huge bakery selection. I tried the chocolate croissant and was not disappointed.

Now get out and get caffeinated! Let us know what you thought of the coffee shops or tell us about other coffee shops to try out in the comments below.

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