You had no idea what to expect when you moved to Düsseldorf. Whether you came here for love or work or study, you’ve never been one to turn down a challenge. But now that you’re here, you can’t read the parking signs or order a loaf of bread. It’s hard to make friends or go anywhere alone without a German-speaking escort. We get it. Moving abroad is hard. Tack on German bureaucracy and their famous “sense of humor,” and you find yourself hiding out watching Netflix more often than you’d like to admit.

But actually, Düsseldorf is enchanting. It’s a vibrant, international and captivating place to live. And it’s time to brave the outside. Let us be your digital tour guide, translator, best friend and local support system—all rolled into one.

Finally, One Place To Access The Best Of Life in Düsseldorf

We are the city’s first English-language publication dedicated to helping expats settle in and live it up in their new home, helping locals feel proud to be a Düsseldorfer, and helping visitors make the best out of their visit.

From summer strawberry picking to our “Best Of” series, we gather tips from locals, community groups, forums and our own everyday adventures. (We also make a lot of phone calls on your behalf that start off with “Sprechen sie Englisch?” You’re welcome.)

We believe that armed with the right tools and information you can feel at home in your new home.

Your Adventure Starts Right Here, Right Now

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Who Runs This Joint?

My name is Jenna. I left my quaint Canadian hometown in 2014 to settle in this city of contradictions. I moved here for a boy, but my yoga pants and messy bun didn’t quite fit in with Dusseldorf’s excess of Prada shoes and Gucci bags.

Moving to Düsseldorf was like that first day of Kindergarten… 24/7. I didn’t know anyone, Germans looked at me funny, and my self confidence was clearing hiding deep at the bottom of the Rhine.


But I knew that if my relationship was going to work, I needed to commit to living in and understanding this city long-term.

That mindset shift changed everything. I started spending an hour every day discovering the secret gems this city had to offer.

I started noticing the little things…

  • The morning flow of people riding their bikes to work.
  • Couples sitting and drinking coffee (none of this triple-shot-to-go nonsense).
  • The supermarkets on every corner, the ducklings, the tree-lined canals, the fairytale castles, the chirping birds and the delicious Altbier.

Once I discovered my love for this city, I realized how much I wanted to help other expats discover theirs too.

So I started Life in Düsseldorf to help you settle in faster than I did.

By day, I’m a professional blogger specializing in sustainable travel at Davis Journeys, a Content Creator, and a Social Media Manager for various startups and tourism brands. My works has been featured on sites like Startup Dorf, Rantapallo, Multicooty, Frankfurt Expat, Expat Focus,, Expat Service Desk, Sparpedia,, Live Work Germany, NRW Tourismus, and Travel Massive.

We’re so much more than a blog

We’re a team of locals, communities, teachers, tradespeople, and students. We’re an online publication dedicated to sharing the best of this city in a generous, kind and honest way. We spend our afternoons interviewing locals, participating in forums and calling businesses so you don’t have to.

Life in Düsseldorf is better when we’re together

Like any abroad experience, expat life is better when we collaborate. And we need YOU. To grow Life in Düsseldorf and provide the best expat information, we need your stories, recommendations, and tips.

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There are so many stories to share from the trenches of this city. If you’re a mommy expat, working expat, jobless expat, single expat, dog-owning expat, student expat… we want to hear from you!

Email [email protected] to pitch a post idea or just express your interest in participating, no long-term commitment required.

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