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Whether you’re relocating to Germany from the USA, South Africa, India, UK, or anywhere around the world, moving to Germany will always include a number of different steps. In addition to the basics like finding a job, getting a phone plan, and opening up a bank account, there are a few other key components you will have to check off as well…

Like how about the actual relocating part? 

The BIG move is likely going to be the most intense and strenuous part of your entire relocation process. This is why many people choose to work with companies like Crown Relocations, our sponsor for this post, to help them make the move as seamless as possible. 


What do Crown Relocations offer? 

You might have already heard the name before, Crown Relocations has a long history in the industry – over 55 years to be exact!

Crown Relocations offers different services that you can choose from which include preparation before the move, in transit, and settling into your final destination. This also includes things like:  

  • House search
  • Immigration services 
  • School search
  • Packing
  • Transport and storage
  • Intercultural training 
  • Language training
  • Etc.


How does hiring a relocation agent actually work? 

It’s always going to be slightly different depending on which provider you choose to go with, but Crown Relocations, for example, lays it out quite simply. 

  • First… you tell your relocation agent about your move – including all the nitty details and important timings
  • Then… a consultant will go through your details, get an understanding of the volume you’re moving and create a customized plan that works for you 
  • Lastly… once you give your consultant the go-ahead, they will manage your entire relocation and support you with everything you’ll need. Giving you more time to focus on all the other aspects that come with a big move.

Take advice from someones who’s been through the relocation process – it definitely pays to have relocation support!


Virtual Consultations 

Welcome to the world of the 21st century! While some relocation services require you to take inventory of your household items and send over lists of dimensions and details, Crown Relocations has cut the numerous-step process into one simple solution: video calls.

In a virtual consultation, you will meet your relocation consultant via video call and walk them through your home so they can take the inventory for you. 


What happens on moving day? 

The Crown Relocations team would pick up all your personal belongings you’re planning on taking with you to Germany. They would load them up safely to be shipped whether that’s via road, sea, or air. Your belongings would then be delivered to your final destination. 

It all sounds rather stress-free, right? That’s exactly what a relocation agency is there for.


What about items from my house that I don’t need just yet? 

Not everyone has a ‘forever home’ when they first relocate. You may be living in temporary housing from your employer, or on the search for that perfect home while you get to know your new city or town in person. If you have belongings that you’d like safely stowed away, for now, they can also ship your items to one of their storages. They actually operate with more than 200 warehouse locations around the world to make sure that you receive the best services and the best care.  


Does a relocation agent support you when it’s time to settle in too? 

Absolutely! Not only do companies like Crown Relocations support you with the preparation and the big move, but they can also help prepare a city info pack, organize pick up and drop off from the airport or hotel, and accompany you on a tour throughout your new city.

And if they haven’t already helped you find your new home, they’ll be there in person to help you explore the best residential areas in the community, manage the budget, and negotiate leases. 

They can also do this accompanied or unaccompanied, so if you’d rather just skip the relocation part and get right to the fun stuff, they can manage the entire process for you while you already start exploring your new city’s best restaurants and bars.

Crown Relocations
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Looking for more tips on moving internationally?

Crown Relocations also has a PDF guide that you are more than welcome to download for free which includes tips on what you can expect and how to prepare for your new and exciting move to Germany.

Ready for a seamless move on over here to Germany?!

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