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For the specific focus of this post, we’re sharing with you our list of the top 25 companies that offer English-speaking jobs in NRW, but if you’re looking for the best platforms online to find jobs, you’ll find them here.

If you’ve read Tali Lichtenfeld‘s last posts about “5 Tips to Creating a German Style Resume” and “How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter“, you’ll already be well aware of this tip from her:

Many try to impress the potential employer by having a local friend translate their resume. DON’T do that!


So what do you do?

There are plenty of international businesses in Düsseldorf and it’s only going to continue to grow! Tali Lichtenfeld, an experienced recruiter and career coach in Germany, is back again to give us a list of 20 companies that hire English Speakers in NRW.

If you’re looking for a list of websites where you can find English language opportunities, be sure to check out our post: The Best Online Platforms to Find Jobs in Düsseldorf.

Our biggest tip would be to search “Düsseldorf” as the location and type in “English” in the job search. This will give you multiple options for English language jobs in the city.

As I advise my clients: If your German is not yet good enough or you would just rather work in an international, open, and tolerant environment – simply focus on the English-speaking jobs in NRW, there are plenty! Here’s just a partial list of companies that hire English speakers, to give you a starting point:


1. Picnic

Picnic is a grocery delivery service with one of its headquarters located in Düsseldorf. Their company language is English and they are constantly looking for people from all over the world and all departments.


2. Toshiba 

Based in Neuss, manufactures power semiconductor solutions in the electronic industry


3. Sony

Based in Düsseldorf, Sony is a producer, distributor, and service provider of electronic products


4. Ubisoft Blue Byte

Based in Düsseldorf, Blue Byte is a video game developer and publisher


5. RWE 

With various locations in NRW, RWE is in the energy business


6. EON 

With various locations in NRW, EON is also in the energy business


7. Uniper 

With various locations in NRW, Uniper is an energy company


8. Metro

Based in Düsseldorf, it’s a retail and wholesale company


9. Amazon 

Amazon is a huge player in the non-German-speaking job market. They offer freelance opportunities with Amazon Flex as drivers (and offer quite the competitive wage as well) and they offer fully employed warehouse positions.


10. Henkel 

With locations in Düsseldorf and in Viersen, Henkel is in the beauty business


11. Sitel

With the German headquarters in Düsseldorf and another branch in Krefeld, Sitel deals with Business outsourcing solutions (BPO, CRM) for their customers


12. Ericsson 

Based in Düsseldorf, Ericsson is an electronics and communication business


13. Trivago 

Based in Düsseldorf, Trivago is one of the largest online hotel search engine


14. Schenker 

With various locations in NRW, Schenker is a global transport and logistics provider


15. Bayer

With various locations in NRW, Bayer is a pharmaceutical company


16. Esprit 

Located in Ratingen, in the fashion business


17. C&A 

Located in Düsseldorf, also in the fashion business


18. Vodafone

Located in the neighborhood of Heerdt in Düsseldorf, Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company


19. Consulting firms

Such as Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte


20. International kindergartens and schools

Such as Villaluna Kindergarten, ISR School in Neuss, ISD in Dusseldorf Kaiserswerth, and there are more…


21. LUSH

LUSH is a British cosmetics retailer (bath bombs, lotions, great smelling stuff, you name it) and has a logistics center based in Düsseldorf, Germany. They aren’t always hiring, but during the holiday season, they often scout German and/or English-speaking reps for their warehouse.


22. Gorillas

Gorillas is one of the newest companies hiring non-German-speaking employees around Germany and beyond. They are a door-to-door grocery store delivery company hiring bike crew members all over the place and over employee contracts and a competitive salary.


23. Lieferando 

Lieferando is the king of delivery services when it comes to restaurant/kiosk deliveries. They are always looking to employ (with a full employee contract) drivers in all central regions around Germany. Hence why they’ve made it here on our list!



QIAGEN is a German provider of technologies that are built for molecular diagnostics and pharmaceutical research. They are based in Hilden and often hiring for English-speaking positions.


25. ALDI 

ALDI Süd has a head office based in Mülheim which regularly hires English speakers for high-level positions. There are also many jobs available for German-speaking individuals, but depending on the job openings, you may be able to find quite a few English-speaking roles as well.


26. Software AG/Cumulocity

Software AG and their IoT software platform Cumulocity IoT, offer self-service tooling in regards to IoT device connectivity and management, data analytics, and integration. They are often hiring English speakers for their data positions that come available in Düsseldorf.


27. 3M

Based in Neuss, 3M distributes and sells industrial, electronic, medical, and communication technology products


28. Oppizi 

Looking to earn some additional income during your free time? Oppizi offers you the opportunity to enjoy flexibility in choosing when and where you work as a Brand Ambassador promoting popular brands like Uber, Doordash, and Amazon.

EXPAT TIP: If you’re looking to find a job in Düsseldorf, you’re also going to need to set yourself up with a bank account right away. In order to make that first paycheck, you’re going to need a European bank account. Our suggestion? Check out our post on the 6 best expat banks in Germany.

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