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The beautiful city of Düsseldorf is the anchor city of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is considered to be one of the most populated cities in Germany. With a tolerable climate and some of the world’s most beautiful heritage locations, Düsseldorf accounts for about one-fourth of the economy of the country.

This city is a core place for bustling business and commerce, as well as a perfect spot for finding relevant courses to study. The city boasts of a prestige-associated human arts academy, attended by many notable artists who had become a part of the history of German art. It is also outlined as the seventh-largest settlement in Germany.

Author, Nicole Lewis, is a former university student in Düsseldorf and is now employed at TypeMyEssays.com, offering students essay writing help online. Nicole has kindly offered to write up a full list of English university programs offered in Düsseldorf so that internationals can also find exciting new schooling opportunities in the city.


You can also consider taking online courses

There are 6 wonderful university courses being offered in English in Düsseldorf, but in the case that none of these 6 topics tickle your fancy, don’t forget that we have a HUGE online database filled with any online course you could possibly think of.

There are a number of excellent online platforms that offer courses for free or for extremely cheap. Here are a few worth considering:

  • Udemy: You might recognize the name as Udemy is the world’s largest online education platform dedicated to providing professional adults and students an opportunity to learn online. The courses offered on Udemy are by both professionals and amateurs in every topic you could possibly think of.
  • FutureLearn: FutureLearn is an online education platform that is similar to Udemy but includes a lot of university courses offered by some of the world’s leading universities. It can be a little bit more expensive than Udemy courses, but it matched with excellent quality.
  • SkillShare: SkillShare is a little bit different as it is an online education platform that offers its members unlimited access to all courses on the platform. However, you must join their subscription and become a member in order to gain access. This platform is highly recommended for those who enjoy constantly learning and are not just looking for one particular course.


Finding English University Courses in Düsseldorf 

Every year, a significant number of students migrate to different cities across Germany, looking for the best study options that can get them one step closer to achieving their dreams and goals. One of the biggest challenges faced by an international student is the language barrier. Since the majority of university courses are taught in German, students need to learn the language. This often discourages a handful of students due to its difficulty and technicality.

Of course, you could always jump into some language courses in Düsseldorf to get started, and then you’ll be able to save a ton of money on university fees if you’re willing to take a university program in German.

The good thing to know is that there is a range of local and international institutions that offer a wide choice of courses from different fields (business, law, management, etc.). And all these courses are offered not only in German but English as well. Although most Bachelor degrees still retain German as the main language of instruction, some Master’s degrees in a number of educational programs now have English options.


Here is a list of some universities in/around Düsseldorf that have English based programs:

We will now take these institutions separately and look at the programs they offer.


The Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf

Being quite young, HHU currently boasts of a student population of about 30,000, and a good number of them are international students. HHU’s location is the perfect one for students to get both education and also fun. Most of their Bachelor programs are taught in German, however, we picked out some Masters programs that are international student-friendly:

  • Masters in Biology: With a duration range of one year, the program is majorly research-oriented and is taught fully in English. Students are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in any other related course plus a sound knowledge of English. The latter should have the backing of a certified exam certificate.
  • Masters in Physics: This is a two-year program that is largely recommended for people who plan to lecture or work in companies where this knowledge is in high demand. It also is taught in English.
  • Translational Neuroscience: This program was developed as a consecutive course to its Bachelor counterpart. It is designed to serve the interest of students in neuroscience through basic and clinical research projects. Neuroscience studies the properties of the brain – cognitive function, aging, development and the like. HHU is equipped with some of the world’s best research laboratories that aid in further research on these properties.
  • Masters of Comparative Studies of English and American language, Literature and Culture: comprises of four semesters and requires a perfect command of the English language. As the name implies, the discipline is designed to prepare students for both local and international demand markets. It does so by honing language and interaction skills for both academic and non-academic purposes.


The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef (IUBH)

IUBH is a private university that also offers a reputable quality of education to its students. The following courses can be applied for in English:

  • Masters in Leadership and Management: This degree is available for international students and can be taken full-time, part-time or as part of a ‘study and work’ initiative. MA in Leadership and Management is designed to help students acquire the needful skills in an ever-changing global-scale market. It also teaches them how to lead and take the initiative.
  • Masters in International Management/Engineering Management: The two-in-one course can be taken together or separately. The aim of the discipline is to design its participants to become professionals in situations when technology clashes with management. It is particularly lucrative for those who wish to work in the administrative sections of engineering corporations.


The Academy of Fashion and Design AMD

The AMD’s main university building is located in Rotherbaum, but it has several study centers, one of which is found here in Düsseldorf. The discipline offered here in the English language is the B.A in Fashion Design. Spanning across a time duration of seven semesters, the course promises an acquisition of all necessary skills needed to create progressive designs and land commendable contracts with high-profile stylists and models in the industry.


Max Planck Institute for Iron Research

This institute is owned by the Max Planck Society. It also offers one course in English, which is known as the IMPRS-SurMat (International Max Planck Research School for Interface Controlled Materials for Energy Conversion). The doctoral program spans over three years. It is an unmatched combination of top-notch research facilities and a solid multidisciplinary teaching curriculum. The course focuses on researching interfaces of various advanced metals. It involves a mix of specialists – physicists, engineers, material scientists and even chemists who study and research together in the same vicinity.


Düsseldorf Business School 

The Düsseldorf Business School is a part of the Heinrich-Heine-Universität and offers MBA “General Management” courses in both English and German. The MBA program has been created as a part-time university degree that spans over the course of 21 months in order to allow for steady employment during studies so that a leave of absence from work is not required.


Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU)

Otto Beisheim School of Management (WHU) is a private business school in Düsseldorf for economics and management. There are 3 different campuses across Germany, the Düsseldorf location is on Erkrather Str. and the other two campuses are located in Berlin and Vallendar. You can choose from a range of programs offered at WHU including a Bachelor in International Business Administration (BIBA), a Master of Science Programs, an MBA program, a Doctoral Program or a Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program.


Don’t mind traveling a bit out of the city? Why not apply for a school outside of Düsseldorf?

Still don’t understand the whole German school system? We have a blog post for that too! And if you would like to learn more about your international schooling options for your kids in Düsseldorf, yep, we’ve got a blog for that as well.

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