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Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience, but it can also be quite stressful when you’re living in a new place and bouncing between looking for birth preparation courses, preparing the paperwork, finding a gynecologist, choosing where you would like to deliver, babyproofing the house, and finding ways to keep yourself healthy throughout those 9 months.

Düsseldorf is quite an international city, so we’re definitely lucky to have a couple of options in the city when it comes to English birth preparation courses. However, if you managed to learn a bit of German while living here, you might actually be able to get through a German Geburtsvorbereitung course while paying a much smaller fee (or even nothing at all)!

Alternatively, if time or money is tight, you’re certainly not out of options. There are a number of online courses you can consider taking. I kid you not, if you type in “Birth Preparation” on Udemy (an online education platform) you will find more than 4,300 results for birth prep classes in English. Most of their courses range between 10 and 20 Euros, which can be a lot cheaper than taking an in-person class here in Düsseldorf.

PS: If this is your first birth in Düsseldorf, you might find our Beginners Guide to Having a Baby in Düsseldorf extremely helpful! 



English Birth Preparation Courses 

Don’t worry, living in Germany doesn’t mean you have to take your birth preparation courses in German. Here are a couple of English options around Düsseldorf:



Pantakea offers an English language birth preparation crash course that runs for 2 full days and touches on topics related to pregnancy, labor, birth, and baby’s arrival. You will learn a variety of relaxation and breathing techniques including different birth positions and what your partner can do to help you breathe through the labor pains.

Address: Nord Carree 10, 40477 Düsseldorf (Pempelfort)
Price: 109 Euro/woman or 149 Euro/couple (prices are always subject to change) 

** Please note: because this course is run by a UK-qualified midwife, some health insurance companies may not cover the full costs.


Geburtshaus Düsseldorf

The Geburtshaus Düsseldorf hosts weekend birth preparation courses (Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM-4 PM) geared specifically for international couples living in Düsseldorf. This course is designed to give you confidence as a mother (or as a pair) to bring your new baby into the world. The Geburtshaus puts a specific focus on natural birth.

Address: Achenbachstr. 56a, 40237 Düsseldorf
200 Euro/couple (the German public health insurance companies will cover up to 95,52 Euro) 


Doula Brid Michael

If you would prefer hiring a Doula for an individual birth preparation course in either English, Spanish, or French and flexibility when it comes to dates and birthing course content, you can contact Doula Brid Michael.


Online Birth Preparation Courses 

When time isn’t on your side or you’re tight for money, there are many online options to choose from. Feel free to browse the internet and find a course that works for you. As we mentioned earlier, Udemy is often one of the cheapest places you’ll find quality birth prep courses, but here are a few more you can consider.



BabyCenter is one of my favorite websites to browse week-by-week to update myself on my pregnancy and the growth of the baby. Thankfully, they also offer a 51-video birthing class for free online where you will learn about pain management, signs of labor, and various birthing tips. You are in no way obligated to finish the course all at once, you can take your time, watch one video each day after work, or you can binge-watch all the videos in a day – your call!

Link: https://www.babycenter.com/childbirth-class


Other Online Paid Courses 


German Birth Preparation Courses




EVK Düsseldorf

Suitbertusstr. 35


EFA Düsseldorf

Rather Str. 19 and

Hohenzollernstr. 24

Starting at 59 EUR

Hebammenpraxis Düsseldorf

Stresemannstraße 7

Starting at 95 EUR

Baby Kochs

Breite Straße 3

Starting at 120 EUR

Hebamme Nina Krügel

Hansaallee 240

Starting at 125 EUR

Hand in Hand Hebammen

Am Königshof 11

Starting at 140 EUR

Hebammen Praxis 37

Hildebrandtstr. 9

Starting at 150 EUR

Kaiserswerther Diakonie

Alte Landstraße 179c

Starting at 200 EUR

Uniklinikum Düsseldorf

Moorenstraße 5

Price not listed online

Sana Kliniken Benrath

Urdenbacher Allee 83

Price not listed online

* Often covered by your public or private health insurance, though in some cases they may charge the partner a small fee for attendance

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