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Well if there’s one thing we’ve all grown custom too while living in Düsseldorf, it’s the excessive beer drinking in public spaces. Spring is almost around the corner and it’s time to embrace our beer drinking habits at the best breweries in Düsseldorf! You can check out all the bars and nightclubs in Düsseldorf, but don’t forget… you’re in Düsseldorf! So you’re going to need to down a few glasses of Altbier while you’re at it! Why not make it a pub crawl?!

PS: If you’re not an Altbier fan, you might as well just skip this blog post and head to a shop that sells craft beers while we all go out and enjoy our ice-cold Altbier here in the streets of Düsseldorf! 😂

Here are 7 home breweries in Düsseldorf that we must try out this year!

Tip: If you’d like to try out all the Altbier breweries in the old town it’s definitely worth it to join in on a Düsseldorf Altbier Tour


Uerige is in the center of the Altstadt located just a walk away from the Rhein River. It is a craft brewery made here in Düsseldorf and they offer public tours for those interested. The beer is delicious (I think) and made of caramel malt, roasted malt, barley, hops, water, and their special Uerige yeast.



While I still can’t properly pronounce the name, the Füchschen Alt Brewery is located on Ratinger Straße in Düsseldorf. While they’re well known for the locally brewed Altbier, the pork knuckle (Haxe) is a close second. The best part of this place… they serve breakfast!



The Brauerei Kürzer is a hot place to be on the weekends for those who love to party in the Altstadt. They also run the bar next door so that you can keep the night young. They pour their beer fresh from the tap so that you can try a little bit of their Düsseldorf tradition.



Brauerei Schumacher Alt is located at the Stammhaus on Oststraße in Düsseldorf. Their tradition will never grow old. If you’re looking for a very traditional German restaurant to take your friends and family, Schumacher has quite a hearty menu.


Zum Schlüssel

Well, their location is prime – right on the bar street of the city (Bolker Straße). If you’re planning on joining in on some fun here, make sure you’re prepared for crowds. Zum Schlüssel offers guided tours of the brewery for 10 Euros a person (prices subject to change) which includes two glasses of beer and exploration through the historical times of the brewery.



Hitchcoq is Düsseldorf’s newest and smallest “Hausbrauerei” which opened up in November 2018 and has since been brewing their very own Altbier – ALTfred. ALTfred is brewed in line with the “Reinheitsgebot” with traditional malt, hops, and yeasts, however, they also put our own little spin on it, creating a very drinkable (“süffiges”) Alt. Malty body, slightly hoppy finish, and just the right amount of fizz to go with it.

Gulasch Alt

Gulasch Alt is brewed at the Alter-Bahnhof in the beautiful neighborhood of Oberkassel and on tap not only at their own brewhouse/restaurant, but also at local favourites like the Gaststätte Tonhalle in Kaiserswerth, Yachtclub Graf Spee “Bernd Endom” in Niederkassel, and Zur Alten Töpferei in Lohausen.


Now, it’s your turn! If you’ve been living in Düsseldorf for a while, make sure you leave a comment in the section below on which one is the best place to be! 

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