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Learning a language doesn’t always come easy. I know it certainly didn’t for me. 

The problem with learning a language is that not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone wants to spend their evenings after work, their kid-free weekdays, or their sunny weekends learning another language in school. 

Of course, there are tons of great ways nowadays to learn on the go via games and apps, but what about when it’s time to unwind and relax? I go straight to binge-watching TV shows and movies, what about you? 

Well, this is what I wanted to chat to you about… a brilliant new method of learning German that will shock you! 


Lingopie | The Newest Way to Binge-Watch & Learn Simultaneously 

Welcome to the new world of learning languages, where you can sit back and binge watch some of the coolest films, shows, cartoons, news highlights, and more, while also learning a new language. 

Lingopie is the world’s only language learning app that allows you to watch real TV shows and movies in order to help you learn a language. Their platform currently offers thousands of international TV options in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Russian in their original formats. 

Learn German with Lingopie
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The creation of Lingopie was to help make language learning as simple as watching your favorite series on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn. 

Binge-watching TV shows and movies to learn a new language may not be new for some of you, I know I used video streaming platforms for the last few years in order to help brush up on my German, but… 

The twist that Lingopie offers will amaze you! 


How it works | Think Education + Binge-Worthy TV 

As one typically would, you’re able to scroll through tons of real TV shows and movies in the language that you would like to learn and simply click “Start watching”. 

Each show comes with subtitles in the original language (ex. German + German Subtitles) and you also have the option to add English subtitles below.  

Learn German with Lingopie
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Every single word, phrase, or local slang mentioned in the film can simply be clicked on. You will then see the immediate translation pop up and the word/phrase will be added to your Words List and Flashcards which you can review after the show (or even in the middle of the show if you’d like). 

After each episode or film, you’ll be redirected to your Flashcards where you can then review all the new vocabulary and grammar rules you’ve learned throughout the film.

If you’ve never used flashcards before on an exam or test, they’re simply a stack of cards with different snippets of information that one flips through until the point of memorization. Similarly, on Lingopie, you’re able to flip through the cards as often or as little as you’d like, by hitting the buttons “I don’t know” or “I know”. Once you’ve learned a specific word/phrase, it’ll be removed from your flashcards but can still be reviewed later if need be. 



What level does your German need to be at in order to use Lingopie? 

Unlike streaming your typical film with subtitles, Lingopie has handpicked only the best TV shows and films and carefully organized them into different learning levels. That means that whether it’s day 1 of your language learning journey or you’re a bordering expert,

you’ll find a multitude of content suitable to watch at your language learning level. 

While it’s not a substitute for intensive language learning in a full language program, it’s a great way to actually relax and enjoy learning a new language. It’s also a great way to get started with the language so you’re ahead of the game and ready for class!


The Lingopie Subscription 

The Lingopie monthly subscription gives you access to thousands of hours of original TV shows and films in the language you want to learn. You’ll also have free access to all other languages on the platform in case you’d like to give another language a try. Additionally, you’ll receive tons of other awesome language learning tools and features in order to help you take the lead on learning. 

With the subscription, you can watch LingoPie just about anywhere via their app – on your phone, laptop, or tablet. 

Interested in giving Lingopie a try? Life in Düsseldorf readers receive 65% off their annual subscription, plus you can test it out free for 7-days! 

BONUS: You can also invite your friends and receive one free month for every friend who joins via your invitation link! 

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