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Pumpkin picking, a warm cup of chai latte, a setting sunset, a corn maze, the crisp red and yellow leaves falling from the trees… what’s not to love about the autumn season?!

While I am quite aware that Halloween isn’t a huge tradition in Germany, there are still a few ways that my family and I celebrate each and every year. And of course, that always includes a Sunday Funday full of pumpkin picking and baking pumpkin pie!

So, here you have it! Some of the best places around Düsseldorf for pumpkin picking and Halloween festivities! 


Pumpkin picking in and around Düsseldorf


Sackerhof | Ratingen 

Sackerhof should be no secret to those of you who have already been apple picking or perhaps even strawberry, raspberry, or asparagus picking this season. They have a wide assortment of pumpkins to choose from in their shop, but if you stay tuned on their Instagram account, you’ll be able to find out exactly which days their fields are open to pick your own pumpkins.


Stertmann | Münster

Take your pick between 150 different types of pumpkins in the field. Whether you’re buying pumpkins for cooking, cutting, or simple decoration, you’ll find everything you need here. And, for the kids, you’ll also find a corn maze and fresh fruits and vegetables in their shop.


Goldbergerhof | Dormagen

Not too far from Düsseldorf you’ll find 35 different types of pumpkins growing in the fields of Goldbergerhof. They have a huge selection of pumpkins ready to buy, but you can also head out into the fields to pick your own as well!

If you can’t find them on Google Maps, try searching “Gemuse Klein” 


Spargelhof Schulte-Scherlebeck | Herten-Scherlebeck

Take your pick between peppers, leeks, and pumpkins! Spargelhof Schulte-Scherlebeck has a wonderful selection of seasonal vegetables that you can pick on your own. Afterwards, you can head to the Hofladen to find even more amazing local products for purchase.


Other Places to Buy Pumpkins (not necessarily pick)


Fall festivities around Düsseldorf

While pumpkin picking may just be the best fall festivity you can choose to celebrate the season, there are also a few other options out there too!


Erntedankfest (Thanksgiving) in Urdenbach, Düsseldorf

This is hands down, my favourite way to celebrate the autumn season! I even wrote a full blog post about it if you’re like me and interested in recreating that Thanksgiving feeling even over here in Germany.


Apple Picking 

If you’re not into pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup, how about some apple crisp?! Here are some of the best spots to go apple picking around Düsseldorf this fall!


Erlebnis Bauernhof at Getrudenhof

If you’re wondering where we took the featured photo above, it was here at Getrudenhof. They’ve got an incredible round route for the kids and parents. You’ll pass through a small petting zoo, a number of jumping castles, a small fall themed barn shop, food trucks with pumpkin Flammkuchen, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin jellies, and of course a wide selection of pumpkins that you can buy for purchase.


Pumpkin Week at Buchholzhof in Mülheim 

The best way to get excited about Halloween is by heading to Buchholzhof for some pumpkin festivities. You’ll find hay mountains for the kids, a pyramid of pumpkins, and amazing homemade pumpkin dishes served up warm at their shop.


Fall Bauernhof Experience at Gut Hixholz

You’ll find everything you need to keep the kids busy all day long at Gut Hixholz (in Velbert). Expect to spend the whole day here as the kids learn how to carve pumpkins, interact with the farm animals and even learn how to plant their own gardens.


Pumpking Carving at Hof Ligges

Although Hof Ligges takes a little over an hour to get to from Düsseldorf, it is the be all, end all of pumpkin festivities in NRW! They have an assortment of over 200 different types of pumpkins and potatoes, they offer super cool pumpkin carving classes for the kids all season long, and their shop boasts tons of delicious pumpkin specialties like homemade pumpkin oil, pumpkin spreads, pumpkin soups, and more!


Pumpkin Carving at Halfeshof in Neanderthal

Close to home you’ll find the beautiful and natural Halfeshof. Unfortunately, you’ll have to call in advance and see if they’re offering pumpkin caving events to the public. Most events are offered for schools and Kindergartens.


Pumpkin Carving & Outdoor Hofcafé at Dümptener Bauernhof

Dümptener Bauernhof is located in Mülheim and offers pumpkin carving classes for young and old throughout the pumpkin season from Monday to Saturday. Of course, you can also buy your pumpkins there and stop at their outdoor café for a warm bowl of pumpkin soup.


Pumpkin Carving & The Big Kürbisfest at Bauernhof Maaßen

You’ll find these festivities taking places in Bottrop. Make sure to follow along on their Instagram page for more updates about their Kürbisfest and pumpkin carving events.

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