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If you lost an overseas job as an expat due to COVID-19, you’ve likely found yourself needing cash but lacking options to get back home to be with your friends and family. If you are trapped by travel restrictions and need to earn money, how can you find remote jobs in a jiffy in addition to searching job platforms that offer English-speaking jobs?

TIP: Try searching multiple websites rather than just sticking to LinkedIn! Smaller sites like Stellenanzeigen.de or jobrapido.de are also great resources!

You still have options for finding international remote jobs where your native English-speaking ability is a plus, and Alyssa Abel from Syllabusy is back sharing even more awesome tips!

Read on to discover the top 7 industries for finding remote jobs anywhere in the world as an English speaker right now.


1. Teaching English Overseas 

While much of Germany has returned to the traditional classroom, online teaching jobs exist in teacher shortage areas, so keep your eyes on the wanted ads and make sure you get TEFL certified. In Europe, elementary school students learn foreign languages along with their older classmates, giving you more choice in which age group you work with best.

You can also find online English teaching positions if you are a morning person. Parts of China are only six hours ahead, so if you rise early, you can start your day helping young English speakers from a virtual classroom. Many of these positions are part-time but offer competitive hourly rates.


2. Tutoring Remotely 

If you need flexibility in your working arrangements because you have children or school responsibilities, why not investigate online tutoring? Such positions offer the ultimate in work-life balance — you can set the hours you prefer and take off when needed.

Plus, you can stay on top of your skills game. Tutoring challenges you to keep on top of industry knowledge even if you aren’t currently pulling a paycheck from your chosen field. If you have expertise in anything from trigonometry to law, you can find work.


3. Editing

Maybe you heard the tale of the failed Pepsi marketing advertisement that claimed that drinking the cola would raise their ancestors from the dead. Although experts haven’t substantiated the claim, companies nevertheless need native English-speaking editors to review translated documents, especially in Germany. You can do this remote job from anywhere in the world, so when you can return home, you don’t need to turn in a resignation letter.


4. Transcription 

Do your fingers fly over the keyboard? If you can accurately type what you hear, you can find remote work as a transcriptionist, with many positions hiring immediately. You can also upload a service offer on a freelance platform and have clients come straight to you. You might have an edge on the competition as a native English speaker. Many online firms pay a premium to people who can “interpret” a foreign tongue, making you perfect for the task if you’re an American or English citizen in Germany.


5. Non-Government Organizations

A non-government organization (NGO) is similar to an American nonprofit. You will find operational NGOs that focus on development projects and advocacy NGOs, which are created to advance social causes.

Because NGOs often involve international operations, they need native English speakers. Why not search local directories for those with remote opportunities. Even if they don’t have any current openings listed, it never hurts to submit a resume and letter of interest. You don’t know what opportunities lurk if you don’t ask!

Here are some tips to creating a German-style resume and cover letter if you’re planning on applying for a remote position where the head office is located in Germany.


6. Technology Firms 

You don’t need to know how to speak German to program a computer. Tech jobs remain in high demand (especially in Düsseldorf) — although you may need to seek ads in English.

How can you show your stuff if there’s a language barrier? Seek positions that require you to take a skills exam, and ask if you can complete it in English to showcase your ability. Computers speak unique languages like Linux and C++ — show your fluency in those tongues.


7. Call Centers 

You can find ample call center positions as both a traditional employee and an independent contractor. Companies like Apple and Microsoft always need international support staff who speak English. If you prefer the freedom to set your schedule independently, organizations like LiveOps connect workers with companies that contract with them for remote support. You can often work as few as 20 hours weekly and take on more as needed.

If you find yourself unemployed in Germany, don’t despair. Even if you lost the job you traveled there to take, you can find alternative means to make money until it’s safe to return home. Try looking for one of the English-speaking remote jobs above, and stay calm.

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