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The weather may often be beautiful in Düsseldorf, but we also get our fair share of rainy days in the winter. Here are some of the coolest things you can do around the city without boring yourself crazy or becoming addicted to Netflix.

PS. Thanks to Emese Jobbik for the inspiration to write this post. While I might have recently written a post about combating homesickness, Emese asked, “do you have tips on how to deal with the greyness that lasts 5 months?” This one’s for you.


Here are 25 things to do on rainy days in Düsseldorf


Classic Remise Düsseldorf

The Classic Remise Düsseldorf ranks #1 on Things to Do on TripAdvisor and is certainly worth a mention. The Classic Remise is an old historic roundhouse and home to some pretty wicked vintage automobiles. Opened in 2006, this place now presents the classical historic vehicles from across the world. While I’m not one for car reminiscing, the architecture of this building alone fascinated me.


Tour the U-Bahn Wehrhahn Line artwork

You can roam the Düsseldorf subway stations on your own and admire the different works of art, or you can take a guided Wehrhahn Line Tour for pretty cheap. The tour will take you through the spectacular ‘Wehrhahn Line’ and your local guide will show you how art and architecture intertwine throughout the subway stations to create one of the coolest underground transit systems!


Go up the Rheinturm for a drink

You can fast track your way past the line and head straight up the Rheinturm (tower) for a beautiful (and perhaps cloudy) view of the city. Once you reach the top, you will have the opportunity to walk the entire circumference of the tower and sit down for a cold drink and a snack. If you want to go one step further, they also have a delicious restaurant a little higher up.


Be a tourist for the day and try out the hop-on-hop-off bus

I’m not going to lie, I’ve taken the Düsseldorf Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus more than a handful of times, mainly because I always suggest my first-time visitors to learn more about the city on the bus tour before I start showing them around on foot. However, also because Düsseldorf in particular, has done an excellent job at building the audio guide!


Escape Games

There are actually (approx.) 4 escape games in the city of Düsseldorf! If you haven’t heard of escape games before, it’s time you check it out. This might sound strange  – you’re locked up for one hour and you’re only mission is to escape. Get it? You’ll have obstacles, puzzles, questions, and clues to battle through before unlocking the door. Each escape game is different and is usually based during a certain period of time or a certain place (space, pirate ships, caves, etc.)

Want a little tip? Escape rooms are often uploading awesome deals on Groupon, so check out Groupon before you book! ?


Go Mini Putting Indoors

You have a few different options, both indoor and outdoor, but GlowingRooms and ActionZone are both popular choices! Mini golf is another outing that you’ll often always find on Groupon for 20 – 50% off the normal ticket price, so make sure you check there first!


SUPERFLY Düsseldorf

Somewhere in between fun and games and an unreal workout, you’ll find the active sport of trampolining. SUPERFLY is a new trampoline park in Düsseldorf open for people of all ages (3+) to bounce around and have some fun. Whether you’re there for the kids or have decided to blow off a little steam with some friends, you’ll have the chance to bounce through tons of different trampoline and ninja activities.


Join a game of Bubble Ball

You can certainly play a game of bubble ball outdoors too, but when it’s raining, Cosmo Sports has some of the best indoor facilities for sports and athletic fun. You can book an entire game of bubble ball just for fun, or even host a bachelor(ette) party or team event.


Neanderthal Museum

I never knew this, until I read the brochure, but the first Neanderthal was actually spotted very close to where the Neanderthal Museum is now located (Talstr. 300, Mettman). Neanderthal Museum is an extremely modern and interactive museum that teaches you all about mankind and those who roamed the earth more than 4 million years back.

Read up on why the Neanderthal Museum might be the perfect addition to your Düsseldorf explorations.


Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

The Aquazoo in Düsseldorf is a popular indoor aquarium that can be enjoyed by the whole family. They have different themed rooms that portray the evolution of biodiversity. There is a huge park (Nordpark) just outside where you can spend some time afterward (if the weather permits) playing at the park or enjoying nature.


Schadow Arcaden

Shop till you drop, I had to put it in there. Not to mention, if the rainy days turn sunny days for a while, you’re also able to explore the KÖ and the shops just outside of the Schadow Arcaden Mall. If you can’t get enough of malls, you may also enjoy Düsseldorf Arcaden too.


Brewery Tours

There are more than enough breweries in the city to keep you busy for a while. Click on the title link for a complete list of home breweries in Düsseldorf that are worth a visit! Don’t forget to indulge in some Altbier and Mettwurst!


Spa Visits

If you’re looking for a massage in Düsseldorf, it won’t be hard to find. Thai massages are a popular massage of choice here in the city. There are a couple of places worth mentioning that are very unique (my favorite – thermal baths). Münster Therme, while not overly fantastic, is close and located in the center of the city. Valbali Spa is also a beautiful option located right on the lake in Düsseldorf.

Call me crazy, I might have a slight obsession for Groupon, but you’ll also find some awesome spa deals in Düsseldorf there too!

If you’re big on spas, you might enjoy our list of the 10 best sauna experiences around Düsseldorf or our post about what to expect at the Düsseldorf Hammams!



Even if art and history aren’t your forte, the K21 is quite a place to be! Tomas Saraceno’s ‘In Orbit’ art piece has attracted more than just art fanatics. With his 3 stories high spider web, the K21 allows 10 people at a time to crawl across this massive ‘spider web’ of ropes to experience being “in orbit.” It’s not something you can just read about, you’ll have to check it out yourself. If you’re looking for a longer explanation, check out the English feature in the Daily Mail.


NRW Forum

The NRW Forum is a cultural center for international exhibitions which include photography, visual art, architecture, and design. I’ve been to the NRW Forum for the February Photography Weekend and the EGO Update, both fantastic exhibitions! You can keep up-to-date on their upcoming events if you head to their event page.


Get Instafamous at the Cali Dreams Instagram Museum

You read that right! Düsseldorf is now home to one of the largest Instagram museums worldwide! With over 1,500 square meters and 29 “dream rooms” you’ll be busy the entire day snapping photos for your Instagram feed.

Sadly, the Cali Dreams Instagram Museum has now closed.


Movie Theatres

What many people don’t realize is that most movie theatres across Germany showcase quite a few movies in their original versions (OV). This means that they may be featuring these films in English. Keep an eye open on their websites and check out this post here for an entire listing of theatres (and websites) throughout the city: English Language Movie Theatres in Düsseldorf.


Read a Book at the International English Library

Many people don’t even realize that we have an amazing English library here in the city! You don’t have to be a member to enter (though membership is also very affordable). You can also take part in children’s reading sessions, yoga, and more.


Watch a concert at the Tonhalle

In addition to the beautiful architecture, Tonhalle is home to the cities best orchestra performances. They also host performances from a variety of different musical genres. The tickets are quite affordable!


Jump in on a local English yoga class

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, there are tons of English yoga and pilates studios in Düsseldorf worth checking out! It’s also the perfect excuse to get in a workout while getting out of the rain!


Go for a swim at Freizeitbad Düsselstrand

Düsselstrand is one of the biggest indoor pools in Düsseldorf and has specific pools for sports, children, relaxation, and babies. They host a variety of different swim courses and also have a number of different saunas and an outdoor lounge area.


Try your luck at bowling

There are a few different places to bowl here in Düsseldorf and it’s often an overlooked thing to do that can be a lot of fun once you get back into the swing of things! You can check out our blog post for more information on where to find the best bowling lanes in the city.


Embrace the ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ culture at a local coffee shop

We’ve got an entire list of the best places to enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake! If you want to get even more into the local spirit, go between lunch and dinner on the weekend, that’s when most enjoy a little “kaffee und kuchen” with friends and family.


Learn how to eat the traditional Soleier at Uerige

Soleier are hard-boiled, pickled eggs which in Düsseldorf, are commonly served with a spicy ABB mustard, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. But there’s a catch! Preparing Soleier is all part of the fun and takes quite an artistic hand and it can only be done at the famous Uerige!


Visit Düsseldorf’s “Little Italy” and hide for the rain at a local pizzeria

The beautiful neighborhood of Gerresheim in Düsseldorf is also home to some of the most delicious pizzas in the city! We have a list of some of the best pizza joints in the city, but if you want to take my word for it, just head straight to Gerresheim.

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