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Are you tired of the perpetual struggle to secure a spot in the city’s kid’s swimming courses for your little ones? I know the feeling. I spent yesterday on a mission with a laptop and phone in hand to book a spot for my child… and within seconds all of the spots were booked out. ⬇️

The Best Kid's Swimming Courses in Düsseldorf | For the Seepferdchen Certification
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The Best Kid's Swimming Courses in Düsseldorf | For the Seepferdchen Certification
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I booked on the dot. See ⬆️ 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM, still no luck.

But fear not! We’ve delved deep into the web and tapped into our community’s wisdom to compile a list of alternative swim classes that will have your kids flaunting their Seepferdchen certificates in no time.


Seepferdchen Certification: Unlocking the Sea Horse Badge

For those unfamiliar with the whimsical swim levels in Germany, the Seepferdchen (sea horse) badge marks the first milestone. To earn this badge, your child must conquer a 25-meter swim without pause. Now, let’s explore some fantastic alternatives.


Here are some of the best kid’s swimming courses in Düsseldorf

Below you can find the names of the swim schools, their website details, possible Instagram pages, and locations based on district. We have not included particular swimming pools in the city as this can often change based on whether the instructor manages to book the pool spot for that course offering or not. For any more information, make sure to stay updated on their websites and/or social accounts.


1. Flossen weg


2. Sharky Schwimmschule


3. ART Kinder Turnen


4. Aqua Gym


5. Privatschwimmschule


6. Schwimmschule Seifert


7. SchwimmMonster Club


8. Düsseldorfer Schwimmschule Delphins


9. Schwimmschule Pingu


10. Swim with Aquamovement


11. Duesselschwimmer

  • Location: Bilk, Mörsenbroich, Stockum, Garath, and Flingern
  • Website: Duesselschwimmer


12. Freie Schwimmer Düsseldorf


13. Krokodil Schwimmschule


14. Schwimmschule Wasserlust


15. Schwimmschule Heyes


16. Schwimmschule Marlin


A Great Online Option for Kid’s Swimming Classes

If you’re facing price constraints or fully booked classes, consider trying an online course at Schwimmen mit Sabrina.


Take the plunge into these alternatives, and let the aquatic adventures begin! 🏊‍♂️🌊


PS: There are also many other amazing courses for kids in the city of Düsseldorf you can check out too in case you’re just looking for a way to keep the kids busy after school or on the weekends. And you might also enjoy this post we put together on 40+ awesome spots in Düsseldorf to take your kids when it’s raining outside.

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