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Hey, Düsseldorf families! Are you ready for the great outdoors with your little ones? Look no further! I’ve put together a list of the top outdoor activities that are a blast for kids in Düsseldorf. From the beautiful botanical gardens to the adrenaline-pumping bike track, Düsseldorf has it all. Let’s go! ⬇️

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First things first, before we dive in… do you have a Familienkarte yet?

No, this isn’t a sponsored post, but the Family Card is an awesome (and free) bonus you can sign up for online which gets you some great discounts to some of the coolest kid-friendly places around the city. It’s worth getting so you can save some money on entrance fees for some of the below-mentioned activities.

Note: The Family Card is only available to residents of Düsseldorf so you must be registered in the city to be accepted.


Botanical Gardens

Let your kiddos step into a world of natural wonder at the Botanical Gardens in Düsseldorf which is maintained by Heinrich-Heine-Universität. It’s free entrance!


Find the Düsseldorf Sheep 

Grazing the meadows somewhere along the Rhine in Düsseldorf, you’ll find a huge herd of sheep. They push their way along the meadows grazing the grass and although you can’t get up close and personal, it’s quite the sight to see.



Get up close and personal with wildlife at Wildpark Grafenberger Wald. Your little explorers will love being able to spot deer, wild boars, and other native animals in their natural habitat (and possibly even feed them).



Nordpark offers tons of different recreational opportunities for kids, including a playground, tons of green space for picnics (we have tons of favourite spots for picnics in the city too), and serene walking paths lined with beautiful trees and sculptures. Of course, you can also check out the Japanese Garden while you’re there as well as the Aquazoo.



Ostpark is still a hidden gem in the city with its green spaces, ideal for kite flying, ball games, or simply soaking up the sun AND it has one of the city’s coolest playgrounds too.


Vegetable Playground and Petting Zoo at Südpark

Combine fun and education at Südpark’s vegetable playground and petting zoo. Your little ones can learn about gardening, interact with adorable animals, and enjoy a day of outdoor play. Plus, Café Südpark is a great place to have lunch or just a snack with super affordable prices and kid-friendly meals.


Go Plane Spotting 

We’ve got a secret plane-spotting location that I’ll share with you in the video below. This is one of the coolest ways to get the kids outside, but also to do something totally unique that not every other family in Düsseldorf is thinking of doing on a sunny day.


Pony Rides

Surprisingly, we have a lot of places to go on pony rides in Düsseldorf including Pony Ponderosa (where you can take a pony on a walk around the Lantzscher Park), Fafas Ponyranch in Bilk, or Der Ponyhof in Itter, for example.


Fly Kites Along the Rheinwiese

Head to Rheinwiese for a breezy afternoon of kite flying against the stunning backdrop of the Rhine River. It’s a classic outdoor activity in Düsseldorf that never fails to delight kids (and adults) of all ages.


Ride around the Urdenbacherkämpe

Being in the city is great, but with the little ones, it can often be tough to get outside, learn how to bike ride, or even just enjoy some time on the scooter. The Urdenbacherkämpe is the best place to do just this! And while I’m at it, I might as well throw in the 5km round route nature reserve in Himmelgeist too! Both amazing places to learn how to ride a bike in peace.



Cool off on hot spring or summer days with a trip to Unterbachersee. In the summer, this picturesque lake offers swimming, boating, kids inflatable toys, and sandy beaches, but it is also a great place to be any time of the year. There is SO much to do here with the kids that I’ve written an entire blog post on all the possibilities there.


Hike and Playground Outside The Neanderthal Museum

Combine nature and history with a family hike around the Neanderthal Museum. Visiting the museum itself is highly recommended, but since we’re focusing on outdoor activities for this blog post, I’d like to mention their outdoor opportunities too! You can explore scenic trails and let the kids burn off energy at their legendary Stone Age playground, but you can also take an audio guide from inside the museum and explore the outdoor trails leading to various audio pillars that will teach you more about the first neanderthal that was found in the region. They even have a huge lookout tour with beautiful views of the city now too.


Wakeboarding in Langenfeld

Okay, maybe it’s not directly in Düsseldorf, but not far away, right? For adventurous families, Langenfeld’s wakeboarding facilities offer an amazing day on the water (they also have mini tracks for really small kids). They have a small beach, a restaurant, a bar, and a snack hut when you’re ready to take a break. One of my favorite things to do here is to go earlier in the morning and enjoy an all-you-can-eat breakfast and their SEEHAUS restaurant before enjoying a sunny day on the water.


Freizeitpark Fun

Explore the various Freizeitparks scattered throughout Düsseldorf, including Ulenberg, Niederheid, and Heerdt. These parks feature playgrounds, sports facilities, and tons of green space for endless outdoor enjoyment. My kids particularly love just digging holes in the ground and picking worms out of them. 🤣


Boat Tour Along the Rhein

Embark on a short leisurely boat tour (about 1 hour long) along the Rhine River for some awesome panoramic views of Düsseldorf’s skyline and iconic landmarks. It’s a relaxing way to spend quality time together as a family. They usually have drinks and snacks on board for sale too!

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Kaiserswerth to Barbarossaplatz

Take a scenic walk with the kids from Kaiserswerth to Barbarossaplatz, while you enjoy tracing the footsteps of history and admiring the charming architecture and riverside scenery. PS: There’s a great ice cream shop in Kaiserswerth which is what convinces our kids to do the walk. 😉



Unleash your kids’ sense of adventure at one of the Abenteuerspielplätze in Düsseldorf.

It’s important to note that there are age requirements (many start at around age 6) due to safety concerns. At the “adventure playgrounds” kids are encouraged to explore, create, and adventure into the unknown natural world. That could include animal interactions, building fires, chopping wood, learning the art of Stockbrot making, and much more.


Head to a Waldspielplatz

Yes, this is literally a playground in the woods, and we have tons of them in Düsseldorf. Here are just a few:

  • Hirschburgwiese
  • Waldspielplatz im Hasseler Forst
  • Waldspielplatz Müller’s Wiese
  • Spielplatz Aaperwald


Bike Park/Pumptrack at Südpark

For biking enthusiasts (or even learners), Südpark has a dedicated bike park with hills and bumps catering to all skill levels. Let your kids test their biking powers here for a little while and then head to the playground or Café Sudpark for some Apfelschörle and cake afterward.


Hike Through Eller Forst

It’s not a long or far hike which makes Eller Forst the perfect hiking destination for kids where you can spot many cool natural wonders along the way.


Have a picnic or a BBQ in the city 

There are so many amazing spots to just relax in the city, so some days it might just be best to not plan anything at all. Pack a picnic or break some snacks for the BBQ and find an awesome spot in the city.

You may enjoy our blog posts about the best picnic spots and the best BBQ spots in the city too!


Take the kids camping locally for a night

You really don’t have to go far to enjoy unique experiences. Did you know there are actually many spots around Düsseldorf where you can camp with a trailer or even a small tent? My kids love doing this, plus it’s cheap, fun, and lets them get all the fresh air they can handle!


Explore the Düsseldorf Castles

Castles? In Düsseldorf? Yep, we actually have more than 10 castles around the city many of which have beautiful green spaces surrounding them making it a perfect opportunity to go out and explore with the kids.


Head to the lake or outdoor water parks

If I listed all the lakes and outdoor water parks that we had in Düsseldorf in this blog post, it would be never-ending! So, I’ve listed them all here for you.


Skatepark Eller

In 2018, Düsseldorf opened their Skatepark doors which was the largest skate park in all of Germany. Since then, it’s been visited by people young and old not just for skateboarding but also for BMX bikers and scooters. Be careful here, while the skatepark is intended for people of all ages, there are some areas better suited for the little ones. Also, make sure you’re not bringing any street bikes or scooters to the skatepark as those are not allowed.


Cartwheel along the Rheinuferpromenade

C’mon! If you’re in Düsseldorf, you’ve got to join along in the traditions. If you don’t know the stories about the Düsseldorf cartwheelers, well then it’s time you’ve caught up on your history lesson here. Plus, the Rheinuferpromenade is a wide stretch of pavement, which, when it’s not too crowded, can be a great place for the kids to watch boats pass by and enjoy doing a few cartwheels too.


Spot the birds in the Hofgarten

This is my moms all all-time favorite pastime in Düsseldorf which means she’s also got my kids hooked on bird spotting. More particularly, she’s fascinated by all the beautiful green parrots roaming our Hofgarten here. Have you heard the mysterious story about how they made their way to Düsseldorf before?


With these fantastic outdoor activities, your family is sure to create unforgettable memories while exploring the natural beauty of Düsseldorf. So, grab your sun hats and embark on your next adventure-filled day!

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